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Take Control Of Me

I am a sexy Greek girl with a lot of sexual passion and want to learn more about the BDSM world. I have always been on the Submissive side and want to explore this deeply.

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Looking For

Must haveIntelligence, Good Looks, Great skills, Spontaneity, Money, Power
My perfect matchA STRONG MAN

BDSM Preferences

I'm turned on byA combination of all
I enjoyWhipping

Sexual Activities

Night life:Night clubs, Adult theaters, Intimate gatherings in my home, Regular Bars, Adult book stores

Sexual Interests

CybersexNo, but I want to try it
Oral Sex isIt's OK, but I prefer penetration
Anal sex isNever tried it
Sex toys:Butt plugs/probes, Clitoral stimulator, Dildos/Vibrators, Vibrating panties
Size matterYes, definitely
"Off Limits":I want a man, not a woman

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasyBeing raped or giving up complete control
Fantasy locationDark alley

Femdom Preferences

Intensity level:Total domination all the time
I'm seeking:Total 24/7 control
I like to wear:Lingerie and stockings